Living with the Andon Table Lamp

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We built the first Andon Table Lamp prototype, part of our Oleole Collection, in early 2013.  Since that time it has lived with us in two different houses and survived a monumental move out into the country. Throughout this time we placed the lamp in different rooms and on or off different tables.  The early prototype had no light reflector inside the shade and we soon realized it didn't emit the light we were looking for.  A quick reaction led to tin foil as temporary reflectors and that made all the difference. The current lamps use permanent metal reflectors but that early tin foil helped us choose the right bulb, which is as relative to living with the lamp today as it was back then.   

The Andon Table Lamp was designed to emit a soft ambient light whether placed on the floor or on a table.  We recommend a warm bulb within the 2,000 to 3,000 kelvin range and wattage between 40 and 75.  We do, however, currently use this lamp in our home on a side table at the end of our couch.  The table is 25" tall and provides just enough task light to peruse a magazine or light read with a 72W Halogen bulb producing 1490 Lumens.  In this case the height of the table is key and we would not recommend a table lower than 25".

Japanese aesthetic and Southern influence play a major role in the design of this lamp.  From incorporating the shou sugi ban technique used on the old Japanese Minka's to char the shade to the perfect color and shape, to the local Georgia yellow pine.  We feel such elegance and warmth from this lamp as it welcomes us into the evening.   


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