Handmade Metal Bowls and their Process

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Handmade Metal Bowls in Process

Lately we've been in the shop experimenting with textures, patinas, forms and processes.  We are starting to see how, when worked in such a way, metal can take on the tactile appearance of clay.  One of our favorite ceramicist, Mitch Iburg, expresses this tactile experience beautifully in his work.  For us,  the tools we use, whether we work the metal hot or cold and although hard to believe which fuel gas we use, all add their individual mark.  In the world of metal and texture Scott at Big Rock Forge really captures the terroir in his local and translates that into the metal pieces he creates, giving a timeworn and palpable presentation. We find constant inspiration from the Japanese and the images of cushions surrounding an Irori.  This image gives us the feeling we're after.  We have a small copper dish for sale which is a small expression of our design direction.

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