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ME Speak Design Home

 North High Shoals, GA

Size: 1700 sq ft

Years Lived In: 3

Rent or own: Own

Our Style: We are very eclectic and colorful.  We mix and match modern, traditional and Japanese together, creating our own personal style.  We moved here from a very large house so we sold or gave away as much furniture and accessories as we now have in this house.  By doing that we could only keep furniture or housewares we couldn’t part with; it was a beautiful exercise for us to practice and one we value deeply.

Inspiration: We are heavily influenced by Japanese design and the South we live in.  We also draw greatly from our own senses; the sound and breeze from the Apalachee river near our home, red wine, whiskey, the blues, the meals that are cooking in our kitchen, the smell of the changing seasons, our garden, color.  Inspiration is all around us and reflected in our home, work and life.

Piano Display

Favorite Element: We initially didn’t want an old house, too much work but when we stepped foot in the front door we both filled up with tears and by the time we got around to the wrap around screened back porch we were making an offer.   Old house charm. There’s just nothing like an old house. The way the floors slope up and down, the way every room has a different ceiling or floor, the way it smells. It has an aura about it that is intoxicating, it’s not something you can really recreate.

Kitchen window

Biggest Challenge:  The same as our favorite element!  It’s an old house. Our to do list is several pages long.   Currently both of our bathrooms are in need of a remodel, one of which is almost unusable.  This is why you see no bathroom pictures!


What Friends Say:  Friends always say how cozy and comfortable it is.  We pride ourselves on making a home that is filled with love and we think people feel that.  We are known for having guests stay until the wee hours of the morning; maybe it’s too comfortable!

Dining Room

Biggest Embarrassment:  It’s a toss up but first would be that bathroom we mentioned!  It was an add on at some point years ago and currently is on the verge of falling into the basement.  It is next on our list and going to be quite a job. When people come over we always feel like we have to explain that it is in remodel; we have been saying this for 3 years…  The other would be our old linoleum tiled kitchen floor. We love the black and white tiles but these are in bad shape. Currently we threw a rug over most of it until we can budget for a replacement!

Girls Bedroom

Proudest DIY:  Hands down our fireplace and mantel. One of our favorite parts of our house was the beautiful old brick chimney climbing the outside of the house.  Someone years ago had built a wall covering the fireplace on the inside. The first night we moved in, no furniture but our mattresses on the floor, we poured ourselves some whiskey and we took a sledgehammer to the wall where we guessed the fireplace would be.  Fortunately we hit it dead on and a beautiful wood burning fireplace was there! We restored the fireplace and hearth and built a beautiful mantel to finish it off. We recently added a wood burning stove into the fireplace to help heat the home more efficiently.  

Max's room

Biggest Indulgence:  The curtains in the living room were a splurge for us.  When we found them through Anthropologie we had to have them.  They are a beautiful scene in crewel, designed by the artist Rebecca Rebouche.  They are true works of art. In order to appreciate them at all times, Eric hand forged special curtain rods so when we close the curtain at night it hangs like art.  The light coming through them makes the patterns come alive. They are always a conversation piece when we have company.

Master Bedroom

Best Advice:  Don’t be afraid to try something new when creating your home.  Color is a simple beautiful way to change the look and feel of a room and it can always be repainted.  Also, anchor each room with something that inspires you and create the space around it. It’s ok to have place holders, we have several throughout our house that aren’t the exact piece but we look to it for inspiration for finding the right piece or making it.  When appointing your home it’s always better to buy quality, it’s a lot less wasteful than buying cheap and repeating. Lastly, your home doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s yours to live in and love in and at the end of the day the flaws are just footprints of your story.

Master Bedroom Entry

Dream Sources:  Japan, our collection of Japanese design books come as daily inspiration.  Also Gold. We once read in an Architectural digest where a designer said, “When in doubt, make it big and paint it gold”.  We loved this so much it stuck. Who doesn’t love shiny metals? Brass and copper both inspire our decor and work. We have sprinkles of it throughout our home.

Resource list:

Living Room:

Paint Color from the Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Collection, Buffet Green

Couch by Thrive Home Furnishings

Pillow fabric Chaing Ma:Black and white ink wash paintings by our favorite Etsy Artist Eden Some

Hanging light Ikea light stand by ME Speak Design

Colorful painting by Bryn Adamson

Rooster Painting, Dog Painting and Woodcarving of woman all by Eric’s mother, Michelle Wright

Paisley Chair and table by Henredon

Crewel Curtains by artist Rebecca Rebouche for Anthropologie

Rugs from Windsor Rug Gallery

Oriental screen from Beverly Hall Furnishings

Various pieces from our favorite Etsy shops

Green Chair from Lori’s parents

By us, ME Speak Design for the following:

Charred Lamps

coffee table

wooden side table

low Japanese table

Curtain Hardware

Wooden vase on mantel

Red Metal Chair

Dining Room:      

Rug and Armoire gifted to us by previous owner

Ice Chest/ Bar found at thrift

Palace Ochre  Gold by Benjamin Moore

Curtains from

Dining Room Chairs Eric’s grandmother’s

Mahogany Bench from Bombay Company

Hanging Screen Beverly Hall Furniture

Textiles on wall, from India and Thailand

By us, ME Speak Design,

Dining Table

Side Table

Curtain Hardware and textile hardware


Paint color for cabinets, Bone Black by Benjamin Moore, Wall color Hardwood Putty by Benjamin Moore

Appliances by GE

The following by us,  ME Speak Design

Hand Forged Brass Hardware

Brass and Copper Pendants

Serving Boards

Knife Rack

Kitchen Island

Bar Stools

Charred Countertop

Hallway Sitting Area:

Color is Wythe Blue from Benjamin Moore

Rug from parents

Vintage Yellow lamps from Etsy

Lamp shades Target

Mid Century Credenza flea market find

The Following by us ME Speak Design

Pallet Cart Chairs

Metal side tables with wooden trays

Maximilian’s Room:

Room Color by Benjamin Moore, Palace Pearl

Bed by ME Speak Design

Bedding from India via Etsy

Red Shelf from parents basement

Light from Ikea

Rug from parents

Claire and Julia’s Room:

Room Color by Benjamin Moore, Palace Pearl

Jenny Lind beds left to us by previous owner

Bedding from Pottery Barn

Nightstand was a gift from Eric’s family

Artwork by Eric’s mother, Michelle Wright

The following by Eric, ME Speak Design

Blanket Chests at end of beds



Master Bedroom:

Room Color by Benjamin Moore, Palace Pearl

Bed and bench from Crate and Barrel

Nightstand made by Eric’s grandfather and gifted to us

Armoire left to us by previous owner

Framed Japanese Silk from thrift store

Bedding from Dwell Studio

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