Oleole Collection

Our Oleole Collection is named after Lori's maternal family who are of Japanese-Hawaiian descent. Inspired by our family and our love for the South we created this collection. Like the South we grew up in and live in, Japanese design, heritage and countryside are persistent inspirations.  We continually find ourselves drawn to both of their simplicity and natural efficient function.  Rural farm life in Japan and rural farm life in the South both represent a design from need and a beauty from usefulness.  We are specifically fascinated with the historic Japanese farm houses called Minka, which were built with large logs and natural materials, every aspect expertly crafted. A large, open, wood burning hearth functioned as a means of warmth and food preparation. The smoke from this hearth, over time, blackened the interior surfaces of the wood logs creating a patina suggesting time, life, and sustenance.  Employing the Japanese technique, Shou-sugi-ban, we replace cedar with local wood from around the South and some from our very own property.  We hand craft each houseware and flame burn each piece of the Oleole collection to a beautiful charcoal finish; Everything is made by our hands.

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