Furikake Spoon

Furikake Spoon

Pinches of vibrant colored and flavored spices equally sprinkled around the rim of our wide stainless steel plate.  Not eaten alone, this flavor enhancer embodies our experience.



  • This spoon is the first version of a new process style. Instead of starting from round brass stock, we started from a heavy sheet of brass to create this shape.   We're liking the new way.
  • Hand forged brass
  • 4" long with a 1 1/4" wide bowl
  • Brass will tarnish over time. A natural scrub of lemon and salt will bring back their beauty.
  • Each one is made by our hands and will therefore express individual character.
  • Do not leave submerged in salt, spices, condiments or beverages for extended periods of time.  Hand wash immediately after use.


  • In stock and ready to ship within 5-7 business days