Hashi Chopsticks
Hashi Chopsticks

Hashi Chopsticks

Rustic and natural, these beautiful chopsticks are carved from local southern woods.  Each chopstick has it's own natural beauty with lighter and darker tones depending on the selected wood.  We darken the ends and tips of the chopsticks enhancing their depth.

Our hand forged brass rest is the perfect balance of elegance against the natural rustic chopsticks with a soft curve in the center for the perfect resting point.  



  • Chopsticks are 9" long.
  • Rest is 1.25" long.
  • Natural tung oil finish.
  • Each pair of chopsticks and rest are made by our hands and will therefore express individual character.
  • One pair of chopsticks and one rest per order.


  • Hand wash only.
  • Oil as needed with any food grade oil.
  • Brass may interact with salts, condiments and various spices so hand wash immediately after use.
  • Brass tarnishes naturally over time.


  • Due to the hand made nature and high demand, please allow up to 14 business days for shipment.