Julep Strainer
Julep Strainer
Julep Strainer
Julep Strainer

Julep Strainer

A wide hat protects the ice from the sun as the cool herb lingers in your nose. Bright and suggestive of history. A moment and it's gone, be careful for another.



  • This Julep Strainer has been on our design list for some time.  Inspired by the iconic southern classic cocktail the Mint Julep we created this beverage strainer with a hand hammered brass spoon and copper handle which we rivet together with copper for the perfect balance.
  • Each Julep Strainer is approximately 7" long.  
  • Made by our hands, therefore will express its own individual character.
  • Copper handle and lead free brass strainer


  • Copper and brass will tarnish over time.  A natural scrub of lemon and salt will bring back their beauty.

  • Hand wash only.  Wash immediately after use. 


  • In stock items ship within 5-7 business days