Oleole Flatware Set
Oleole Flatware Set
Oleole Flatware Set
Oleole Flatware Set

Oleole Flatware With Rest

Rustic yet refined.  We imagined walking down to the local smith, his anvil ringing along the air, to trade for our families cutlery.  In those days ornamentation wasn't a need, function drove the aesthetic, and beauty was derived from simplicity.

Our family of five has spent many meals eating with this stainless steel flatware.  We enjoy the simple three tine forks (the kids claim they are easier to clean too), buttery looking but sharp knife and rectangular spoon, which we all agree is a joy to eat with.  This set we added a set of white oak chopsticks and rest.

Our interpretation of the utensils needed to eat a Japanese style diet and a southern United States one. Stainless steel and quarter sawn white oak. 


  • Hand forged 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dinner Fork- 35 grams and 8" long
  • Salad Fork- 29 grams and 7.25" long
  • Spoon- 38 grams and 6.25" long
  • Knife- 43 grams and 8.25" long


  • Dish washer safe but we still recommend washing and drying by hand. Drying is important.

  • You can treat them like your favorite cast iron skillet and every so often wash, warm them in the oven, rub them with your favorite cooking oil and let cool.