Petite Dish in Copper
Petite Dish in Copper
Petite Dish in Copper

Petite Dish in Copper

Where brass draws us in with it's deep golden color, copper draws us with it's history and pureness. Copper isn't loud, it's simply felt.  From humble beginnings we used a small section of a persimmon log and an antique ball peen hammer to hand work each one.  Our process has evolved, but not changed, over the years allowing these small pieces to retain there hand made quality.  We use them all over over our home for spices, rings and anything small and delicate.


  • Roughly 3" diameter
  • Each dish is made by our hands and will therefore express individual character.


  • Hand wash only.
  • Copper tarnishes naturally over time.
  • Do not leave salt, spices or condiments in bowl for extended periods of time.  Hand wash immediately after use.
  • Do not use acidic foods in bowl.


  • In stock ready to ship