Steel Vessel
Steel Vessel


Steel Vessel

The idea for this vessel came from a mixture of ideas.  Initially we worked the steel hot, forming the bowl in a deep swage block.  During that process a small crack opened up towards the bottom, which was quite a pleasant surprise.  We decided to let that crack guide the story of this vessel and continued by adding the three brass feet.  Feeling unfinished we set it on our coffee table and waited for the final ideas to spark.  For the finishing touch to the piece we raised a lid and forged a small handle to lift it, truly making it what it intended to be.   This vessel was born from a true organic work flow, letting the piece speak to us, giving it life and continuing it's story.


  • 8.75" diameter, 6" tall.
  • Warm beeswax and olive oil finish.
  • One of a Kind


  • Wipe with damp cloth and dry.
  • May be buffed with additional wax over time.


  • In stock ready to ship