Oma's Board
Oma's Board

Oma's Board


Hands clap as flour fills the air.  You perspire as the oven door raises and flames lap the brick walls. The board slides in and out, emerging with a golden pillow. Thumping the bottom with approval it's cut and served to your partner right off the board with butter and South Carolina salt. They smile. 

Created from the uncharacteristically large Bradford Pear log one neighbor gave us and another milled. Charred fruit wood takes on an especially smooth and dense characteristic while the forced checking adds age and interest. We left the bandsaw  marks as insight into the process.  



  • Our Oma suggested this name and how could we resist?
  • Roughly 22" long and 14" wide 
  • Bradford Pear with hand carved handle
  • Care:
  • Hand wash only.


  • Shipping:
  • Ships in 5-7 business days