Wagashi Plate

Wagashi Plate

Many little plates hold small sweet bites expressing the seasons. A slow progression, chopsticks move from one to another and occasionally feed your world sitting across from you. Exhale and turn to enjoy the raked gravel, and stones.


  • We love this style of plate.  First we texture the surface of the brass using an antique hammer and a rusted section of railroad track.  The two opposing surfaces add visual interest to the dish and along g with the sanded finish help cut down on light reflection which makes the gold color more pronounced.  With the texture these would also make great tumbler coasters as the would create suction from perspiration.  These are plates we'd let age and enjoy the changing of time. 
  • Roughly 5" diameter
  • brass


  • Hand wash only.


  • Ships withing 5-7 business days