Shut it Down and Start Over

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There are moments in a marriage where you both have an instinctual feeling but it takes one of you to simply say it out loud.  For us, it was the day we woke up and Lori said "let's shut it down and start over." OUR moment had arrived.

ME is US.  ME speak design.

Construction Waste Recycling


We spent the last decade in the building and recycling industries. We both believed in each but didn't feel passionate about either.  At the end of every workday we always looked forward to time spent in the home we lovingly shared with our children and each other.

Our weekends and free time were spent creating, building and defining our style within the space we lived. When the need in our home arose we felt more fulfillment designing and building a piece of furniture or a houseware to fill that need versus buying one.  From building a "first" bed when a crib was outgrown, to desks for school time, a set of barstools when our old ones broke, to small kitchen accessories and lighting. We slowly surrounded ourselves with art built by the hands of our family.  

The need for creative expression helped guide us at a crossroad where one path led to the daily grind and the other to a life fulfilled.  

We didn't waste any time after that.  Within a day we had built a bonfire in the firepit of our backyard and burned all unnecessary work files, symbolically freeing ourselves from heartless tole.

Starting a fire in our fire pit

The decision to close the business and that bonfire lifted the burden and gave us the mental space to follow the other path...

Eric and Lori Wright

Pictures by: Patrick Richardson Wright

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